Our purpose is to be the smartest place to buy a pre-owned luxury watch.

Our Story

We started ART Watches with just a few watches from our personal collection. For over a decade, we’ve grown little by little because we always put our customers first. As fellow watch lovers, we feel a calling to place masterpieces of horology on the wrists of those who will cherish them most. That’s why we enthusiastically learn everything we can about the diverse spectrum of timepieces on the market and scour the earth for the rarest and most precious finds.

We Believe

Most watch sellers seem content to carry just a few popular brands. We think that’s disappointing. It’s disappointing because the best part of these pieces is their uniqueness—how each person desires something different and how each individual watch sparks joy in our hearts.

The foundation of this industry is its variety, creativity and craftsmanship. In our experience, it is certainly true that when you put on a new watch, you become a new man. So if you’re like us and find yourself falling in love again and again, you’ll appreciate that we’ve brought to you the best, rarest, and most remarkable pieces out there. We’re delighted that this warm-hearted and passionate approach also happens to be good for business.

‍‍We view watches as the work of artists. They pay obsessive attention to the smallest details because their purpose is the art itself. It is precisely this quality we admire most and the principal reason we called our business ART Watches.

With that same resolve, we will strive for perfection and harness that same level of care. We hope that within our curated selection of exceptional watches you’ll find one that makes your heart beat a little faster. And we believe you will be just as satisfied with the way we treat our customers.

  • David Chu


    David Chu started out as a watch collector and understands horology at a level few reach. He’s driven and has a magnetic personality that has helped him maintain relationships worldwide and reliably source the rare timepieces you crave.

  • Mike Swarts


    Mike Swarts brings a tremendous amount of craftsmanship into his work. In addition to meticulously designing the website, he provides technical and design consultation and services, including the automation of many of our business processes.

  • Amy Golovan


    Amy Golovan is an accomplished luxury watch photographer for multiple high-end retailers. Her aesthetic genius and attention to detail are incredible, evidenced by the fact that our customers constantly tell us how amazing and lifelike her photos are.