We’ll hold the watch you want while you send the one you have.

  • No Sketchy Practices

    Unlike some sellers, we don’t jack up the price of the watch you want.

  • Enjoy Free Shipping

    Ship your watch to us with a prepaid, fully-insured shipping label.

  • Reserved with No 💰 Down

    When you trade in your watch, we’ll hold the watch you want for up to a week.

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Questions and Answers

How long will you hold a watch?

When we reach a trade-in agreement, we will hold your desired watch. Upon receiving your watch, we will examine your watch. If it is as described, we will email you a coupon voucher for the agreed upon value of your trade-in along with a special link to complete your purchase. After 72 hours, if the transaction has not been completed, the held watch will be returned to the store and offered for sale to the public.

Will you accept trade-ins for all watches?

ART Watches only accepts watches that meet our professional standards, including:

  • Good working condition
  • No counterfeit parts
  • No indication of being stolen
  • Good fit for our clientele

Is the preliminary quote a guarantee?

No. When we receive your watch, we will examine it for undisclosed problems and flaws. If it is not as described, we reserve the right to modify our offer or return the watch.

Will my watch be safe going through transit?

Yes, when you use our prepaid shipping label, your package will be fully trackable and insured up to the agreed upon price.

What if I want the watch back?

If you have not yet shipped the watch to us:

No problem. Simply notify us so that we can cancel the shipping label.

If you’ve already shipped the watch but have not yet received payment:

You can cancel the transaction. However, please note that we offer free prepaid shipping labels on the condition that the transaction is completed successfully. If you cancel in this stage, you will be responsible for the cost of both shipping labels involved.

If the trade has been finalized:

When we take watches in, we immediately incur various costs related to authentication, photography, stocking, and other business activities. For this reason, we are unable to reverse the transaction after it has been finalized through payment.

However, you may purchase the watch back from us at our sale price as long as it has not already been sold to a new owner.

General note:

Canceling the trade of your watch after initiating the process can involve significant costs. Please only trade your watch when you are committed.