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NEW Memorigin Solar Series Tourbillon Stainless Steel Auto Limited Edition Watch AT 0407 in FULL SET

NEW Memorigin Solar Series Tourbillon Stainless Steel Auto Limited Edition Watch AT 0407 in FULL SET

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This model is recently discontinued and it could be the last brand new piece available in the market.

To all unique watch lovers, here is something you do NOT want to miss! You are looking at a very rare NEW Memorigin Solar Series Tourbillon Limited Watch with Complete Box & Paper.

Here is the detail of the watch:

The Solar Series is inspired by the solar system which consists of eight planets orbiting around the Sun. The entire solar system was captured in a tourbillon within a 43mm diameter surface, undoubtedly a piece of art.

The Sun is symbolized at the 3 o’clock position, surrounded by eight planets. Memorigin hand-picked high-quality materials for the eight planets to ensure that each of them is presented at its best with a high degree of simulation. These planets with various sizes are arranged in order of increasing distance from the Sun. Starting from the 4 o’clock position: Mercury (Labradorite), Venus (Nephrite), Earth (GMT dual time-zone indicator), Mars (Obsidian), Jupiter (Tiger’s eye), Saturn (Calcite), Uranus (Amazonite) and Neptune (day/night indicator).

The crystal-blue dial plate at the 9 o’clock position is embedded with emery to represent a starry night. The index is made of tritium gas tubes with the latest illumination technology, allowing the watch to glow continuously for up to 30 years. The 12 zodiac signs are carved between the indices respectively to brighten up the vast night sky. In order to stop the pointer’s movement from disturbing the silence of a beautiful night, the brand applied circular hidden pointers instead of traditional sword-shape ones. ‘Jupiter’ and ‘Saturn’ on the sapphire glass dial point to hours and minutes respectively for time-telling.

This specific model is a candidate for 2019 GPHG "Petite Aiguille" category (watches with a retail price of under CHF 8,000) and it's truly a high horology piece without the extreme price tag. Very limited in production and it's extremely difficult to find in the secondary market. Retailed for CHF 7,825 (USD$8,400) and you can get it by a fraction of the original retail. Best price guaranteed! 

P.S. All serial numbers are blocked for privacy and security purposes.

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